Two Libyans charged with murder of fellow Libyan in Hamrun detained under arrest

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Two Libyans have been detained under arrest after being charged with the murder of a fellow Libyan, in a case which occurred early on Monday morning in Hamrun.

Mahmoud Elmejdi  died in hospital after receiving a number and punches and kicks to his head and chest. The Libyan was found by Police in an apartment in Parish Priest Mifsud Street, unconscious and with blood coming out of his mouth.

36-year-old Hamzi Abdulhafid Abukem of St Paul’s Bay and 26-year-old Hamza Kamel Bakoush of Valletta have been charged with the crime. Abukem was also charged with contravening conditions imposed by the Court, and Bakoush was also charged with being a relapser.

It results from information available to Television Malta that on Monday morning the two accused Libyans had gone to knock on the apartment where the victim lived. It appears that an argument ensued there, probably about money.

It was at this stage that both accused started threatening that they would kill two other Libyans and attacked the victim, leaving him lying on the ground after he had been badly beaten up. Accused were arrested on Wednesday evening, and the victim, Mahmoud Elmejdi, died in hospital yesterday as a result of his injuries.

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