Today’s front pages: August 13, 2018

Times of Malta Times of Malta

The prime minister's claim that there were more forged signatures in the Egrant documents dominated the Times of Malta, accompanied by a story about the latest migrant rescue, which leaves 141 in need of a 'safe port'. The Malta Independent picks up on the migrant story saying that there is no indication that the government would change its position on allowing NGO ships in and out of Maltese ports. The newly appointed chairman of the press association was also interviewed. In-Nazzjon features the quest by the Opposition leader Adrian Delia to obtain a full copy of the magisterial inquiry into Egrant, saying that failure to do so was a threat to democracy. It also quotes a British MEP saying that his country should not sell passports, as the Maltese had done. L-Orizzont says that more and more foods are testing negative for pesticide residues, and also features the prime ministers promise that yet more investment was on the way.  

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