Kingdom Hearts 3 Feels Like a True Next Step in the Series

IGN All Jonathon Dornbush

Kingdom Hearts captured my imagination way back in 2002. And it’s continued to do so in the 16 years between it and Kingdom Hearts 3 thanks to its unique ability to capture Disney magic, put me in the middle of it through the keyblade swings of Sora, and tell a ridiculous tale full of endearing characters. Square Enix has released one numbered sequel and plenty of spinoffs that deepened, and sometimes muddied, the mythology, but only a few have captured the magic that captivated me as a kid.

If the extended demo I played on both PS4 and Xbox One ahead of E3 is any indication, Kingdom Hearts 3 looks to be a true evolution of the franchise, recapturing that magic by taking all those various offshoots and experiments and melding them into a cohesive, exciting whole.

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