God of War Proves Wonder Woman Needs a AAA Game

IGN All Joshua Yehl

With the new God of War game releasing to rave reviews, quite a few people are saying that its success is proof that Marvel’s Thor needs his own game. While that’s an understandable reaction, there’s a different hero who is far more deserving: DC’s Wonder Woman. She naturally lends herself to the video game experience with her wide array of tools for fighting evil, her deep mythology full of gods and monsters, and a recent comic book run that’s essentially a ready-to-use blueprint on how to make her game one worthy of the gods.

There’s little wonder why many have said that God of War proves Thor needs his own game because, well, God of War is pretty much a Thor game. On the surface, anyway. Kratos journeys through the realms of Norse mythology, clashes with their legendary figures and creatures, and he even uses an enchanted axe that he can magically summon back to his hand, just like Thor’s Mjolnir.

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