Arrow: Season 6 Premiere Review

IGN All Jesse Schedeen

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

It was inevitable that “Fallout” was going to be a bit of a letdown. Arrow is coming off its best episode ever, a dramatic finale that culminated with the destruction of Lian Yu and the potential deaths of nearly everyone close to Oliver Queen. There was never any chance that the writers would truly embrace that development and kill off the show’s entire supporting cast. Nor was this episode likely to continue the incredible momentum of “Lian Yu.” But that all being said, I was at least hoping for a stronger start to Season 6 than this episode delivered.

The various casting announcements and set photos of the past few months made it pretty clear that few members of Team Arrow actually met their end on Lian Yu. But you’d think the writers would make at least one or two big sacrifices in order to ensure that Adrian Chase’s master plan had real, lasting consequences for these characters. But as it turns out, only one character is confirmed to have died in the massive explosion - Samantha. And despite being caught in a blast powerful enough to have vaporized her completely, Samantha managed to stay alive and conscious long enough to give Ollie the old “Take care of our son” speech.

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