How Formats Will Change Shadowverse

IGN All Cam Shea

For fans of the anime-infused CCG Shadowverse, December 28 is going to usher in some massive changes. It will see an infusion of new cards, thanks to the Chronogenesis set, as well as a whole new class – Portalcraft – being added to the game. Even more importantly, however, it will also introduce formats to the game. From December 28 onwards, there will be two options for ranked play – Unlimited and Rotation. Unlimited is what you’re playing right now – every card in the game is allowed. Rotation, however, will drastically restrict the cards that are able to be played. Just Basic cards (of which there are 11 for each class, and XX neutrals) and the last five sets: Rise of Bahamut, Tempest of the Gods, Wonderland Dreams, Starforged Legends and Chronogenesis.

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