Delia addresses EPP summit

Times of Malta Times of Malta

The European Union could not allow others to dictate its agenda or the terms of how it should operate, Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia said on Thursday. Addressing the European People's Party summit in Brussels, Dr Delia said the Brexit process should be one of strong negotiations during which the interests of European and British citizens should always be the focus. This was besides the fact that one of the EU’s current challenges was to speak with one voice, and react quickly to developments taking place around the world, including in the United States and China. On immigration, Dr Delia said people did not care about laws, but about the fact that the European demography was changing quickly with people from countries which lacked resources seeking to move to richer ones. On Turkey, he said the EU had the duty not to let countries such as Cyprus, Greece and Italy on their own because when one state was in danger, the Union should be united and act as one.

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