Convict ‘lied’ about magistrate to impress wife

Times of Malta Keith Micallef


A man who claimed of having served part of a court sentence doing community work for the same magistrate who had found him guilty, has retracted the allegation saying it was a “lie” he had fabricated to save his relationship with his second wife. Anthony Fenech, who in July 2016 had been found guilty of being in possession of stolen goods, made the admission yesterday when testifying at the Gozo court before Chief Justice Silvio Camilleri. His testimony was heard during proceedings related to an appeal filed by the Attorney General’s Office which is seeking a conviction of theft that carries a harsher sentence. In November, The Sunday Times of Malta reported that Lief Ahlstrom – a Swedish citizen resident in Gozo whose apartment had been allegedly burgled by the accused – told the court that the defendant had served part of his sentence doing community work tiling Magistrate Joe Mifsud’s flat in Għajnsielem. The witness based his claim on the account given to him by Mr Fenech’s second wife. The woman had shown him a screenshot of an SMS sent to her by the accused which read: “I am doing some tiles 4 Joe Mifsud. And I told him about Louise [his first wife] and not seeing Kylie...

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