Call for ban on food packaging chemical

Times of Malta Sarah Carabott

The existing ban on BPA in baby bottles will be extended to cover more products such as plastic cups. Photo: Shutterstock

European parliamentarians’ decision to lower a chemical found in food packaging is a step towards the banning of this potentially hazardous material, according to MEP Miriam Dalli. But for health groups, this week’s approval by MEPS to further limit, and not ban Bisphenol-A (BPA) in food packaging was a failure to protect citizens’ health and benefitted the chemicals industry. On the day, the European Commission’s proposal to limit BPA in varnishes and coatings intended to come into contact with food was given the green light by the European Parliament Environment Committee, which rejected a motion for objection by cross-party members. When contacted, Maltese committee member Miriam Dalli said that the Socialists and Democrats were concerned about the dangerous effects that BPA could have due to its endocrine disrupting abilities and they were working for a total ban. “The committee’s vote lowers by a tenth the currently allowed BPA migration from packaging to food, and does not allow it in products that come into contact with baby food. The issue of total ban was not on the table today,” she told this newspaper. Dr Dalli said that it was either acknowledging that the commission...

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