Breathe Review

IGN All Alex Welch

The trailers for Breathe have not done it much favors, selling it as being little more than a cliched, dime a dozen biopic with a subject that makes it easy for awards consideration. But what those trailers have not touched on is the genuine charm that permeates throughout the entirety of its runtime. Nor do they highlight the sincere, old fashioned and almost storybook way in which director Andy Serkis chooses to bring it to the big screen.

Indeed, the film marks the long-awaited directorial debut of the world-renowned actor, who has made a name for himself in the industry through his multiple awards-worthy motion-capture performances in franchises like Lord of the Rings and the last three Planet of the Apes films. But despite all of Serkis’ history working with special effects, the actor has surprisingly chosen to make his directorial debut one devoid of almost any notable VFX or computer-generated characters.

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